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Kin Vegan offer you a unique experience and excellent opportunity through our traditional market tour, to learn about the secret of our delicious vegan menu by exploring an active Bali traditional market where locals haggle over regional produce including spices, fruits, and a variety of colourful vegetables. This tour is an immersive experience designed to give you a unique understanding and appreciation as well as opening up a whole new world of previously unknown local ingridients.

Our traditional market tour takes around 2 hours. Transportation both pick up and drop off from and to your residence. Follow our chef through the stalls of a spice and produce market in the heart of the city. Interact with locals and get a taste for city life. You will be familiar with both raw ingredients and culinary culture by observing how our chefs interact with local traders. You should try your bargaining or negotiation skill at our traditional market and picking up the perfect ingredients for a delectable plant-based dishes as you will get the chance to directly purchase fresh ingredients. Afterwards, we will then head back to our kitchen for a hands-on cooking class, learn step by step how to prepare a full, healthy and delicious vegetarian meals. Finally, you will dine on the meal you have prepared yourself. It is really from market to your plate with no secrets!